5 Extraordinary Things To Do In Bali, Put Them On Checklist!

There are lots of activities to do while venturing to the island of gods. Staying at comfortable resorts the whole week or exploring several tour destinations, the choice is surely yours to make.

We as human beings always strive for enjoyment of novelty, doing one activity repeatedly will bring boredom.

So, to cast away those boredom we got extraordinary things to do while visiting Bali. These activities aren’t so normal, perhaps you never know about it yet at the moment.

But don’t worry this isn’t something dangerous, we’ll tell you the reason why this is to guarantee your safety and it’s exciting to try.

5 Marvelous Activity Worth Your Time When Visiting Bali

Let’s say, you aren’t visiting the island of gods so often. It would be normal to try extraordinary things. Okay, let’s get started:

1. Bali ATV Adventure, Explore The Jungle

Firstly is to ride an ATV Bali quad bike, drive by yourself or sit in a second row seat. This activity offers a vacation full of adrenaline. Heart might beat up fast, as you explore through vast forests along the way.

ATV gianyar adventure

Muddy terrain is ahead, drive slowly or faster no need to be afraid professional tour guides will be there along the ride with you. Take a deep breath and enjoy nature.

One of the best routes to try is ATV Bali Gianyar, located in a remote region close to Ubud. Feel the excitement of 2 hours riding an ATV quad bike, release the stress scream as loud as you want. Don’t forget to bring your friends or family to enjoy it together.

2. Ayung River Rafting White Water

Not a fan of riding ATVs? We aren’t done yet, take another activity like ayung river rafting for instance. Most of us feel surging excitement when hearing about “River rafting.”

Before jumping right away, make sure to wear the right attire along with safety equipment like helmet and life jacket. We all wished to keep staying on the raft when paddling through the streams.

ayung river rafting

However things might change, it’s rather possible you get dropped from the raft because of hitting rocks or unable to stay stable on high streams. Don’t mind the difficult matters. This is a vacation, you need to enjoy it to the fullest.

Look around, there is a wide variety of trees along the river, fresh air, and don’t forget about the beautiful waterfall as a bonus.

3. Mount Batur Jeep Sunrise

Third possibility, you can witness the beautiful brimming sunrise by 4WD jeep to reach perfect spot near mount batur. The location itself is in the middle of the mountain, as you can see the high level is 1.3000 above sea level.

Take a special offer from a tour operator with package inclusions are an English speaking trekking guide, kintamani entrance ticket, trekking fee, tax, and insurance.

Oh, one more thing, let’s hope when you visit mount batur the weather is clear. Cloudy weather won’t be much fun, let alone rainy days.  Along the way after enjoying the sunrise, you’ll be able to visit Black Lava Ball point too.

4. Bali Dirt Bike Off-road

Looking for more adventures with a wide variety of tracks? The Bali dirt bike enduro day tour is worth a try. Take a ride on powerful motocross. This activity is enjoyable for beginners and those who are the most advanced enduro riders.

dirtbike adventure things to do in bali

We’ll explore Kintamani region, one of the best dirt bike treks in the island of gods. Explore them all from deep forest to wide open tracks near mount Batur.

Don’t stay too focused, enjoy the beautiful panorama as you ride the dirt bike along the track. Almost forget, make sure to use safety equipment such as helmet, jacket, gloves, and such before taking a ride. Enjoy the ride!

5. Sunrise Trekking on Foot

Last but not least is sunrise trekking. At first this might look hard, but actually it’s not. The trek itself is quite favorable even for beginner. Make sure to bring proper preparation such as a backpack with things you need most like a jacket. As we walk on higher region above the sea, surrounding gets colder.

things to do in bali trekking

If you are unable to withstand the cold, we can just enjoy the nearest spot and enjoy the view. Feeling confident to go up higher? Let us reach the summit, approx. It is 1.700 above the sea level.

There you will witness the sunrise in its perfect form, look upon the horizon and breathe slowly to feel the beauty that nature has to offer to us.

That’s an extraordinary thing to do when visiting Bali. I hope this helps. Want to try a one day tour perfected for your desire? Kindly contact us, we’ll prepare a customized itinerary for you to enjoy the wonderful island of gods.

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