ATV Dadi Bali Adventure, New Spot for Off-Roading!

How are you all doing? Have you explored all the exciting tourist spots in Bali? Don’t just focus on the beaches, the island of the gods has much more to offer you. One of them is the extraordinary route, ATV Dadi Bali Adventure off-road journey that will increase your adrenaline.

A glimpse of this place, Dadi Bali Adventures is a local tourist spot located in Bali. It is well-managed by locals and provide an unforgettable fun-filled vacation experience.

One of the interesting tour activities at Dadi Bali Adventures is ATV riding, which we have explained above. There are many interesting places you can find, some of which include:

  • Extensive rice fields
  • Exciting muddy routes
  • Forest areas
  • Caves
  • Rivers
  • And so on

Just imagine, in one trip, you can encounter various tourist spots like this?

What Should You Know Before Trying ATV Dadi Bali Adventure?

However, before rushing there, please first listen to some simple tips that might help you ensure that the ATV adventure remains safe and comfortable.

Follow the Safety Guidelines

For everyone’s safety, make sure to obey the safety rules when riding an ATV. If a professional guide recommends wearing a helmet, boots, and gloves, then follow their directions and do not argue.

Also, when driving an ATV, it’s best not to go too fast. The challenging terrain, such as muddy uphill areas and dark caves, is not designed for ATV racing, because if you go too fast, you might crash, and this is dangerous.

Choosing Between Tandem or Solo, Which Suits You?

Solo riding and tandem offer different experiences. If you want more freedom and ease when driving an ATV, then the best choice is solo, so 1 ATV for 1 person. However, if you are not yet confident in driving an ATV alone, you can choose tandem riding. 1 ATV for 2 people.

But don’t worry, later when you venture out to explore the route together. So, everything will be safe if you have difficulty on ride or other problems, then we will help you.

Health Conditions Before Vacationing

ATV riding Dadi adventure is an middle extreme activity. So, for those of you whose health conditions is bad, such as suffering from back pain, epilepsy, or the like. This tour activity is not recommended.

If your body condition is not fit or you are dizzy, please don’t forcing yourself. Make sure your body is healthy and does not have serious health problems before trying the ATV Dadi adventure trip in Bali.

How Much is the ATV Dadi Adventure Ticket Price?

The ticket price to enjoy exciting ATV Dadi Bali Adventure like this is quite affordable. You can prepare money starting from IDR 750k to ride a solo ATV (alone). Its get cheaper, you can take the ATV adventure tandem package with a cost of IDR 1250k for 2 people.

Alternatively you can also check our others package ride ATV Gianyar, located on near location offers similar experience when off-roading with ATV quadbike.

The price includes:

  • Safety equipment
  • Lunch
  • Drinking water
  • Shower and changing room
  • Professional ATV instructor
  • And others

For those whose location is far from the Gianyar area, Bali, we can pick up from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, and around the Ubud area.

Our advice is to also bring a change of clothes, a backpack, sun lotion, a mobile phone, or a camera to take pictures.

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Why Choose Our ATV Services?

There are quite a lot of ATV Dadi Bali Adventure riding services, but surely can provide a better experience.

Starting from friendly and experienced tour guides (local natives) and various other things. For more complete information, please check the following explanation:

  • The price is affordable, you can enjoy the Dadi Adventure ATV ride package at a relatively affordable cost. Invite your family or friends to get the best promo from us
  • Family-friendly, although the theme of extreme adventure tourism, this tourist activity can still be enjoyed for family adventures. As a note, if you bring children, make sure their age is sufficient 6-7 years (ask the admin for full details)
  • Easy booking, lastly, of course, provides ease in booking Bali ATV Adventure packages. Can be via email or Whatsapp available on our website

Do you have any other questions? Let’s consult and ask first with our team so that you can get more complete information. Hopefully, this explanation is useful, enjoy the extraordinary journey of Bali ATV Dadi Adventure.

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