Balaji ATV Trek Adventure in Bali Fun Ride With Friends

Balaji is one of the most enjoyable ATV treks in Bali. It offers not just a journey through forest regions but also features a highlight of muddy terrain that adds excitement to the off-road experience.

To reach the Balaji ATV trek, a 30-minute journey from the central tourist location in Ubud is required. Balaji is located in Payangan Village, just north of Ubud Village, and is also known as the Payangan ATV spot.

Regardless of the name of the trek, let’s find out just how thrilling the adventure offered by the Balaji ATV route is. We’re sure you’re eager to experience it.

How Long is the Balaji ATV Trek in Bali?

It is estimated that completing the Balaji ATV route from start to finish takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. This is just an estimate, as it also depends on the speed of the ATV itself.

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Our advice is not to rush. Enjoy the journey and relax as you explore the natural beauty of Bali offered by the Balaji ATV spot.

Curious about what journey through this place is like? Read on for some explanations.

1. Local Villages

First, you will pass through one of the villages in Balaji, a place that is very calm and peaceful. The locals are also friendly, and even if you cannot use the local language, there will be a professional tour guide to direct your group.

The ATV route through the village is quite easy, making it a suitable place for beginners to get accustomed to driving an ATV, as there are not many obstacles.

2. Bamboo Forest

Next is the bamboo forest, which presents a more challenging region. Don’t worry, the bamboo forest route area is safe. Stay focused and follow the directions of the professional guide, and be careful not to hit any bamboo trees.

The path is not very wide, so it’s best not to speed when driving the ATV. You can stop for a moment and enjoy the natural beauty of the bamboo forest in Balaji while taking photos if you wish.

3. Dense Forest

Additionally, you will traverse a track flanked on both sides by a dense forest with various types of trees. The cool atmosphere and the typical off-road adventure add to the fun as you explore the Balaji ATV trek.

The advice remains the same: enjoy the moment and the scenery, but also pay attention to the road conditions ahead. If you’re not focused, you might collide with a large tree.

4. Muddy Trek

This is what many people look forward to the most. You can tackle the muddy trek while riding an ATV, your clothes will get dirty and wet, so make sure to bring a change of clothes. One of the advantages of the Balaji ATV route in Bali is the significant number of muddy treks at various points, not just one.

Make sure to follow the safety guidelines from the tour guide. The muddy ATV wheels can become slippery and may be difficult to control for some people, especially beginners. However, rest assured that everything is safe because you are not alone.

Affordable One Day Tour ATV Balaji Package

So, are you interested in trying out the exciting and extreme holiday experience at ATV Balaji? Book your tour today at

Below we have listed the price information for ATV Bali Quadbike tour package and some other important things you need to know.

Balaji ATV Package Prices

  • Starting from IDR 750k per person (Solo riding)
  • Starting from IDR 1250k for 2 people (Tandem riding)

Note: Prices are subject to change

Included in the price:

  • Lunch
  • Welcome drink
  • Professional ATV guide
  • Helmet and gloves
  • Boots
  • Bathing and shower facilities
  • Towel
  • Changing room and locker

What should you bring?

  • Change of clothes
  • Sun lotions
  • Mobile phone or camera
  • And so on

If My Location Far from Balaji, Can I Be Picked Up?

Of course, we offer pick-up services for those who are far from Balaji. This makes it very convenient so you don’t have to manually search for the location. Pick-up can be arranged for those currently located in Jimbaran, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak, or nearby areas.

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For more detailed information about the Balaji ATV tour, please contact us and make a booking to get the best price today.

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