Ayung River Rafting Bali Feel The Sensation Exploring Streams

ayung river rafting

Are you a seeker of adrenaline tours? Probably ayung river rafting is worth to try. Whether you are visiting island of gods quite often or this is the first time, one of those activity that brings unforgettable memory is rafting in ayung river.

Paddling down the streams, avoiding some rocks make sure you and friends are still on the raft. No need to be scared, bring a local trained guide to make everything safe. Release the stress, no day better than today scream as the streams get stronger halfaway.

Laughing at your friends who drop-offs easily, perhaps they are unable to maneuver through the river properly. Don’t forget to help them too, this is surely fun two hours straight exploring the streams of ayung river in Bali.

Things To Note Before Jumping To Ayung River Rafting and ATV

This kind of tour activity is surely quite extreme for some people. The first thing is make sure you are healthy and don’t have major medical issues before jumping to Bali rafting.

bali rafting tours

Can you bring kids too? Surely can, but make sure they are at least above 7 years old. Swimming skill is not very mandatory, yet the chance of getting wet and drop-offs from the raft is not zero, so brace yourself.

It will need at least 2 hours through the streams, just believe us this won’t be long in fact you’ll want more.

It is recommended to confirm firstly with the admin to book the best date and seasons. On sunny days, the Ayung river is considered level II on rafting standards. However, when rain is pouring down quite heavily it becomes rather hard to navigate.

Ayung River Rafting Ubud Price, Affordable and Fun Trip Starts Today

No need to throw lots of money to enjoy exciting rafting in Ayung River, Bali. Get one of our best offers today.

river rafting trip

  • River rafting for kids: IDR 375.000 per person
  • River rafting for adults: IDR 425.000 per person

Estimated price for kids starts from $24.30, and for adults $27.44 surely cheap and affordable.

Wait, before booking ayung rafting ticket let’s take a look into what is included on this tour package.

  • Lunch, we’ll prepare local food for you and family, or friends. Who knows? Perhaps this is something you never taste before and delicious
  • Locker, this are provided to make sure your belonging is safe
  • Shower and changing facilities, after get wet by rivers splash don’t forget to take a clean shower and change the clothes before lunch
  • Towel, standards towel is provided in case you forget to bring one
  • Shuttle transfers, we’ll pick you up with selected vehicle and also take you back to hotel
  • Insurance, in case something bad happening insurance is included (let’s hope everything will be fine)
  • Life jacket and rafting set, make sure to wear safety equipment before paddling the streams

See, with $24 – $27 per person our Ayung river rafting trip is surely cheap and affordable isn’t it?

Amazing Things You’ll Experience in River Rafting Ubud

After you finish the preparation, you’ll be on a raft with 3-5 people. This isn’t a romantic trip, rather a place to enjoy your day along with friends, whole family members, and such. Look at the surroundings without even realizing you’ll find a vast rainforest and ricefields in Bali.

Listening to the sound of strong streams in ayung river, when the streams are not very strong, surely it’s relaxing. As you drop from little waterfall streams changing. Hold on tight, keep paddling avoid the rocks or you’ll drop-offs from the raft.

Breath slowly, this perhaps just the beginning. Ayung river is one of the longest rivers in Bali stretching 75 kilometers from the northern mountains area all the way to Badung Strait at Sanur.

For some people it will look like a long trip, but when you are actually there it’s quite a short time just passed by as you are enjoying time with family and friends.

As a tour operator we want to give you our best service, so if you have any questions or want to book ayung dewata river rafting right away kindly contact us. See you there in Ayung river, your adventures start now.

Bali ATV Adventure Feels The Excitement and Thrilling Trek

Bali ATV quad bike adventure is great activites to do while visiting the island of gods. Slide the panorama, instead of spending time idle in resorts why don’t take a chance to explore Bali in adventerous way?

It doesn’t matter whether you are novice or pro in quad biking, our professional guide will surely be there to make sure everything is safe.

Take step away from the beach and accept our invitation to explore remote area of Gianyar Regency, it is estimated 30 minutes from Ubud.

Get exciting the wild nature awaits, as you came the preparation for exploring with ATV quad bike is already set.

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